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5 Biggest Mistakes Good People Make About Anger

Posted by on 7:52 am in Healthy Relationships | 4 comments

Want to stop the yelling, door-slamming, silent treatment, passive-aggressiveness and other unhealthy expressions of anger in your life? If so, this eBook is for you. Together, we’ll expose the five biggest mistakes good people make about anger and what to do instead so that you can replace any destructive anger habits you may have with healthy and productive ones. I wrote this eBook as a way of paying it forward and expressing my gratitude for all of the wonderful changes I’ve been able to make in my life, my relationships and my...

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To Yell or Not to Yell? 7 Reasons to Stop Yelling

Posted by on 4:23 pm in Healthy Relationships | 4 comments

Were you yelled at when you were a child? I was. Being yelled at never inspired me to do better, except perhaps out of fear, which is not anywhere close to being inspired. Mostly, being yelled at just made me think that there must be something wrong with me if people who loved me were that upset with me. The other parents I’ve asked about this concur. Last year I taught a number of parenting classes in which we did a series of role plays so that parents could experience parenting from their children’s shoes. We wanted to...

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Spring Cleaning Checklist for True Happiness – Part 2

Posted by on 9:09 pm in Happiness | 4 comments

Answer the following three questions to find out how to be happier with your life: 1. Do you have a to do list? 2. Do you put off things that you want to do in your life because there are tasks on your to do list that are not complete? 3. Are the tasks on your to do list as important as you are allowing them to be? You might be wondering what these questions have to do with an effective spring cleaning checklist for true happiness.  The answer is: everything. There are probably things on your to do list that you’ve had there week after...

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Spring Cleaning Checklist for True Happiness

Posted by on 7:52 pm in General | 8 comments

Spring has sprung! How about a different kind of spring cleaning this year? Martha Stewart has a great Spring Cleaning Checklist for the home, but what about internal cleaning? Wouldn’t it feel great to have a fresh start this spring? I put together the following alternative spring cleaning checklist to give you some great ways to do internal cleaning all designed to create true happiness from the inside out. Spring Cleaning Checklist: emotional clearing: there’s nothing like clearing out unexpressed feelings that you carry around...

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Empower Kids to be Smarter about Safety

Posted by on 10:44 pm in Empowering Kids | 0 comments

There are so many ways that we, as parents, want our kids to feel empowered. One of the most important ways we can empower our kids is to teach them personal safety skills: how to respond to bullying, when to get help, stranger safety, emotional safety… offers parents and children tools they need to be safety savvy: check out their Safety Tips for Parents, Safety Comics for kids and their recently launched “One Million Safer Kids” Campaign to learn how to help your kids and the kids in your community be smarter about...

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Imagine how courageous you would need to be to be little, have less developed skills than the grown ups around you, and still try to do what they do! Children do this all the time. They try to do things they see us doing. Unfortunately, we often unknowingly discourage them from trying things because it is less convenient for us (it will be messier or take more time) or because we want to save them from experiencing the frustration of not being good at something. How is a child supposed to get good at something if they don’t have the...

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Generating Happiness: It Starts With …

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The secret to happiness is to generate it from the inside out. If you generate your happiness on the inside, then you can take it with you whereever you go and bring it with you to whatever you do. Imagine how free you would feel if you could actually be happy, regardless of what is happening in your life. The unfortunate truth about happiness is that most of us look for it in the wrong places. Bottom line, we typically think that the achievement of our goals will make us happy: I’ll be happy when I lose 20 pounds, when I get promoted,...

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