"In a one hour conversation with Michele, I learned what I needed to help my pre-teen stop losing his temper and yelling. The simple tweaks in my parenting and leadership modeled something healthy and positive for him to do when he’s upset… in fact, we are all doing this now. The result: my son and I feel empowered, everyone in our family feels happier and more connected and our household is peaceful!"

Kari Gaspardone

"I plan to keep studying with Michele - she is a great teacher. Everything I learned from her felt like learning another language, one that really helped me and my son feel more connected, even when he misbehaves!"

Nedko Vassilev

"My son and I are doing great through a difficult life transition because Michele's guidance allowed me to identify the feelings and challenges in taking each step. She has an amazing understanding of family communication and dynamics."

Kelly Williams